Warehousing and Distribution in South Africa and Neighbouring countries is managed by Value Logistics, on behalf of Permark Supply Network.

Value Logistics has a national presence in all major and minor centres. Consignment stockholding is kept in the Gauteng distribution centre.

Value Logistics and Permark Supply Network’s mainframe computers run parallel systems and transactions are communicated electronically through a
real time conversation bridge.

Value Logistics delivers on a synchronized National Delivery Date system to customers nationally.

Consignment stock is counted on a “wall to wall” basis, three times annually, while random counts are performed on a continual basis.

Proof of delivery is electronically recorded by Value Logistics and is accessible to Permark Supply Network’s
management on the intranet.

Advise Principals on their stock forecasting and notify them timeously of any new stock requirements. Ensure that principal stock is warehoused, distributed and invoiced responsibly on schedule and in good order

All orders are captured and processed at our Head Office.
We then ensurethat these orders are
delivered correctly and on-time.