365 on Point adopt a Trade Channel Approach within the
FMCG Industry i.e they service different trade channels
namely, Food Retail, Specialty (Clicks & Dis-Chem),
Franchise, Wholesale/Tier II, Pharmacy and Departmental.


Sales Meetings are held monthly, where our Principals can interface directly with our Regional Management Teams. Regional business reviews give management key information on brands and customers in order to set objectives and drive in-store execution.

Senior management interface regularly with the trade
measuring success and focusing on continuous improvement.

Permark Supply Network employ regional sales managers 
who drive in-store execution and regionally manage our sales agent (365 on Point).


South Africa:

• Gauteng
• Western Cape
• Eastern Cape
• Northern Cape
• Free state
• Limpopo
• Mpumalanga
• Kwazulu – Natal
• North West

Neighbouring States:

• Botswana
• Lesotho
• Swaziland
• Namibia