The Unique Selling Proposition for Permark Supply Network to current and prospective
Principals is that our payment for generated sales is guaranteed.

The ERP system is furthermore developed to:

  • Ensure key account trading terms, as mandated by principals,
    are accounted for in detail and summary formats are generated.
  • Maintain trade promotional budgets, as mandated by principals,
    by ensuring that monies are paid to customer once proof of
    promotional activity is received.
  • Maintain pricing and discounts with customers, by ensuring
    that invoiced prices and deal information are captured
    and maintained accurately.

Permark Supply Network takes full responsibility of
collections from customer, and pays all the sales over to principal.
Accounts Receivable and internal cash flow management
structures are performed and maintained on an ongoing basis

We strive to be compliant on all formats
of the Company’s Act and the Income Tax Act of South Africa

A statutory audit is performed annually by Permark
Supply Networks’ auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers.