key account management

> Regional / National Accounts
> Trade Promotions / NPD
> Business Intelligence
> Financial Reporting

The sales structure is extensively supported by an effective Key Account Management team that is focused on:

> Sales Performance
> Distribution Opportunities
> Budget Controls i.e. Discounts / Co-Op / Cycle & Promotional Deals
> New Product Development
> Trade Promotions
> Account Financials
> Project Work

The above focus areas are supported with effective systems and controls that enable us to update our Principals on a regular basis.

Key Account Management meet with Principals on a monthly basis to:

> Review Sales Performance
> Feedback on Promotions
> Report back on New Product Listings achieved
> Update on Objectives or set new Objectives
> Report back on Distribution Gains
> Account Financials

Regional Account Managers service all Customers within their regions, and are involved operationally from a support and control point of view.