Permark International was established in 1986 through the disinvestment of Procter & Gamble Inc. within South Africa.

From 1986 to 1993, Permark International represented Procter & Gamble Inc. brands, as well as major international Companies such as Reckitt & Colman Toiletries and Roche Consumer Health as an agent.

In 1994, Procter & Gamble Inc. exercised their option to re-enter South Africa and re-acquired their brands.

From 1994, Permark International continued to trade within the FMCG Market, representing their own Brand portfolio as well as representing leading Manufactures on a Agency basis.


Existing Company: P I Products (Pty) Ltd

trading as

Permark International

which focuses on the manufacture and

marketing of own / licensed brands.

In January 2005, PI Products (Pty) Ltd was sold to Tollmane Investments, which now Trades as Incolabs

Permark Supply Network (Pty) Ltd

which represents Principals as an agent in the areas of Key Account Management, Sales & Merchandising, Warehousing & Distribution and Accounts Receivable Management.

Permark Supply Network is a wholly owned South African Company.

In 2005, Permark Supply Network acquired the Head Office (located at Longmeadow Business Estate), as well as the rights to the Permark Trademark.

In 2005, PSN Brands was established which is a Company that focuses on Brand Ownership.

In 2006, Permark Sales was established, which is the instore operational arm of PSN.